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Form W-8BEN (November 2012)

Form W-8BEN Revision The form is being revised as from 17th July 2012 to come into effect in December 2012. In reality, only the certification clause has changed. Although the new version is readily available, it should not be used until it actually comes into force. A new Form W-8BEN-E should also coming into force in December 2012 which will …

Malaysian assets – Successfully cutting the red tape

English Will – How to recover Malaysian assets? The deceased owned shares in several Malaysian companies. First, it was necessary to ascertain ownership of the shares, which in the absence of a statement from Bursa Malaysia or the original share certificates proved difficult. We nevertheless were able to instruct local solicitors to apply for a Reseal of the English Grant …

Form W-8BEN (May 2012)

US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Rejecting the Form W-8BEN We have been informed that the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been rejecting Form W-8BEN produced by share registrars and insist upon the production of the IRS Official Form. This form has to be filed with the company registrars to prevent withholding taxes being applied to dividend payment. Anyone holding …

Federal Transfer Certificate (Form 706-NA & Form 5173 May 2012)

About the Form 706-NA & Form 5173 If on the date of the death, the deceased’s assets (shares, bank accounts, furniture, land & property) are worth more than US$60,000, executors have to fill out the Form 706-NA within 9 months of the death. A year after its submission, the IRS will issue the Form 5173 otherwise known as the Federal Transfer Certificate. …

Cadbury – Dr Pepper & Snapple Spin-off

The Importance of Direct Registration Statement – Cadbury Case When Cadbury spun off its Dr. Pepper and Snapple brands in 2008, it created a US Company and issued shares in that company to existing Cadbury shareholders. Usually, the English shareholders simply received a Direct Registration Statement from Computershare stating how many Dr. Pepper Snapple shares were owned by the English …

BNY Mellon Takeover

BNY Mellon Takeover Aftermath Following the takeover of BNY Mellon Shareowner service by Computershare, it takes at least 3-6months for BNY Mellon to transfer shares from the deceased to the Executors from the time that all the documents are submitted to them for processing. Taking advantage of Share Data’s comprehensive valuation service is easy. Simply call us on +44 01403 …

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