Month: May 2012

Form W-8BEN (May 2012)

US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Rejecting the Form W-8BEN We have been informed that the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been rejecting Form W-8BEN produced by share registrars and insist upon the production of the IRS Official Form. This form has to be filed with the company registrars to prevent withholding taxes being applied to dividend payment. Anyone holding …

Federal Transfer Certificate (Form 706-NA & Form 5173 May 2012)

About the Form 706-NA & Form 5173 If on the date of the death, the deceased’s assets (shares, bank accounts, furniture, land & property) are worth more than US$60,000, executors have to fill out the Form 706-NA within 9 months of the death. A year after its submission, the IRS will issue the Form 5173 otherwise known as the Federal Transfer Certificate. …

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