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The Medallion Signature Guarantee Guide
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How to transfer the ownership of stocks or shares and investment securities from the U.S. and Canada

It is a statutory requirement to obtain a Medallion Signature Guarantee when managing the movement of securities, stocks or shares from the United States of America or Canada.

The Medallion Signature Guarantee guide aims to answer common questions such as what is a Medallion Signature Guarantee, how to obtain one, who and why you need a Medallion Signature Guarantee. By the end of the guide, you will have gained a better understanding of Medallion Signature Guarantees.

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    Slide I have been extremely impressed with the service received and won't hesitate to both use and recommend share data's services in the future. Jennifer B, David Auld & Co Solicitors

    16th August 2019

    Slide My firm have used share data for their medallion guarantee services for foreign shareholders since the beginning of 2018 – each occasion has been efficient and successful which leads to happy clients. I would strongly recommend their services, with a special mention for teresa – who is friendly, helpful and gets the job done. Asset Manager

    23rd August 2018

    Slide Share Data's service is brilliant. Currently, sorting another one for you! Deanne Taylor, Smalleys Solicitors Ltd

    8th November 2019

    Slide Thank you for processing our Medallion Guarantee and for all of your assistance leading up to it. Share Data have a great service. Walker Crips Investment Management

    6th August 2020

    Slide I wish everyone was as quick and easy to deal with as you have been. It is truly a pleasure and a great contrast to most other financial service companies in Canada and New Zealand that I have dealt with in the past. Private Individual

    26th November 2019