For North American transfers et al, you may be aware that US and Canadian transfer agents require a special stamp affixing to their documentation guaranteeing that the signature(s) on the required documentation is authentic.

As this is common place in North America, it has become somewhat of a minefield for investors outside North America for third parties that do not have a relationship with a North American bank or financial institution.

The medallion signature guarantee is a special stamp that is authenticated by a bar code and special ink that is verified by the North American institutions based on the value of the asset, whether it be stocks and shares or other assets. As the maximum stamp is limited, certain HNW clients and institutions often require a stamp in excess of £1,000,000 of asset value which presents a conundrum.

We have a solution to this issue in order to help with these higher value asset sizes: our only requirement is that we can only be instructed by a UK authorised and regulated firm within the UK or Europe that is recognized by our firm i.e. law or regulated financial firm.

Most of the cases we process tend to be transfers of shares and then sale or sometimes just a re-registration of the shares in to a new beneficiaries name, whether that be an individual or an institution. Over the last few years we have been processing a large number of investment funds assets where there has been a change of custodian or new beneficial owner.

Our international team have access to an unlimited value medallion stamp through our international Custodians, so if you need to process asset value of £1,000,000 to +£1 billion we can assist.

We have become specialists in this area with our various partners so please contact Share Data in the first instance or your usual advisor.

We are here to help. Simply contact our team of experts who will provide you with professional advice and assist you with the whole procedure.