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Since 1995 Share Data has been providing a range of services for:

  • Solicitors
  • Executors
  • Accountants/Financial Intermediaries
  • Private Individuals

Solicitors, financial advisors, accountants and private individuals count on Share Data for its practical advice and fast turnaround of valuations. In addition, Share Data provides:

  • Approachable, experienced and dedicated team.‬
  • Investment securities services tailored to individual needs.‬
  • Competitive prices.‬
  • Delivery by email, phone, fax or post.‬
  • Error and omission insurance to the value of £250,000.‬


Meet Share Data’s Team

Teresa Lowe – General Manager & Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamp Holder

Teresa is a highly respected share valuation specialist and has over 15 years experience of valuing and verifying shares.
Teresa is known for her skill and tact in handling caseloads for the more investigative work. She is also registered to provide the Medallion Signature Guarantee stamp and deals with transferring and selling overseas holdings.


To find out how Teresa can help you with share valuations, email her at


Angela Coventry – UK Sale/Transfer of Shares Specialist & Medallion SIGNATURE Guarantee Stamp Holder

Angela started her career working in various solicitors practices. Since joining Share Data in 1998, Angela has specialised in the sale and transfer of shares and is now responsible for this service.


To find out how Angela can help you with UK Sale/Transfer of Shares, email her at


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