Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamps Over $500,000


What is a Medallion Signature Guarantee?

The Medallion signature guarantee is a special stamp that is authenticated by a bar code and special link that is verified by the North American institutions based on the value of the asset, whether it be stocks and shares or assests. If you are responsible for dealing with an estate involving North American assets, or you are attending to any other transfer of North American shares or securities, you will usually be asked to provide a medallion signature guarantee (also referred to as medallion guarantees, signatures or stamps).

As the maximum stamp is limited, certain HNW clients and institution often require a stamp in excess of £1,000,000 of asset value which presents a conundrum.

These are a statutory requirement when managing the movement of securities and shares in North America and they act to limit the liability and loss by safeguarding against forged signatures.

In order to sell or transfer Canadian and/or US Securities, you are required to:

  • Sign a stock transfer form (a “Form”) or its equivalent.
  • “Guarantee” your signature before a transfer agent accepts the transaction. This is done by obtaining a Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamp.

Share Data is a member of STAMP and as such is authorized to act for banks, solicitors, stockbrokers and accountants to:

  • Obtain Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamps on your behalf.
  • In most cases, offer same day turnaround of Medallion Signature Stamps.

If you require assistance with a Medallion Signature Guarantee STAMP that is valued over $500,000, please email your requirements to our General Manager, Teresa Lowe at