Historic Share Prices for Capital Gains Tax

Obtain a full transaction history of individual shareholdings

Take advantage of a historic share price service that will provide you with historic market prices for any date and for all classes of security including:

  • Equities
  • Corporate bonds
  • AIM-listed companies
  • OEICS & unit trusts
  • PLUS listed companies
  • Gilts & corporation stocks
  • Investment trusts
  • Overseas equities & government issues

Use the historic share price service to establish acquisition values for Capital Gains Tax purposes.

You will be provided with full details of capital events including:

  • Acquisitions
  • Capitalisations
  • Consolidations
  • Return of capital
  • Rights issues
  • Scrip issues
  • Changes in par value
  • Company name changes
  • Listings & de-listings
  • Mergers & de-mergers
  • DRIP

Obtain a reliable guide to holdings changes

Records of compulsory changes alone do not necessarily provide a reliable guide to how individual holdings may have developed. To verify a true position, use the Capital Gains Tax service to crosscheck the registrar’s records against a reputable published capital history of a company.

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