Do you need to trace a dormant account holder or a long lost relative? Or perhaps you have lost contact with a company?

We offer a professional and diligent tracing service to allow clients to locate missing individuals and dormant assets, giving them the ability to concentrate on their core business.


Probate Services

We can assist clients in locating missing heirs and executors who have relocated. Using our in-house search facilities and databases we are able to provide a fast and efficient tracing service which provides clients with an individual’s most up to date contact details.


Dormant Asset Searches : Probate & Estate Planning

With the current ease of investing overseas it has become easier for individuals to own assets abroad and we often find that, due to shorter dormancy periods and financial regulations in certain countries, these assets often end up in government run, unclaimed asset funds. (The State of California alone holds over $8 billion of unclaimed funds)

Our asset tracing service makes it possible for clients to maximise the level of due diligence, ensuring that all domestic and overseas assets are identified and recovered.

These assets are often overlooked as the financial institutions that originally held them have relinquished ownership and all claims have to be made through the relevant government department. Our asset searches cover the following countries: UK, USA , Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Italy

By using our tracing service you can offer your clients an increased level of due diligence for your probate, estate planning and trustee services enabling them to have a more comprehensive view of their assets as well as enhancing your companies own internal compliance procedures.


Asset Recovery Services

In addition to our asset tracing service we can also recover any identified assets on your behalf. We would generate all the necessary documentation and undertake all communications with the relevant government body to ensure your assets are returned to you in the most efficient manner.

Our services can assist clients to locate assets such as: Bank Accounts, Pensions, Life Insurance, Stocks & Shares, Royalties, Dividends


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