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Jersey Grant of Probate

If you are an executor or administrator of an estate that involves assets in Jersey, you will require a Jersey Grant of Probate.

Jersey jurisdiction is not the same as the UK, and you cannot use an English Grant of Probate.



The cost of obtaining a Jersey Grant can run into the thousands of pounds.

However, through our international brokers, we can provide our clients with an efficient and low-cost procedure. For UK domiciled, we also offer a fast track solution.



We will liaise with the Probate Section of the Judicial Greffe on your behalf. For this we will need the following documentation:

• A Court-sealed and Court-certified copy of the Grant of Representation issued in the jurisdiction where the deceased was domiciled;
• A Court-sealed and Court-certified copy of the Will and Codicil, if applicable;
• A certified copy of the death certificate.

In some cases, additional documentation might be required, for instance, copies of other Wills executed by the deceased and renunciations.


We will also need you to provide:

• Copies of the Passports or other identity documents of each of the Executors;
• Copies of a Utility Bill dated within the last three months, showing the home address of the Executors;
• The deceased’s occupation;
• The source of the funds used for the purchase of the Jersey assets (where eligible).


For more information on our Jersey Probate Service please contact us

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