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Share Certificates Missing – What to do?

Letter of Indemnity

Obtain a valid duplicate certificate

Do you have holdings that you would like to sell or transfer but the share certificate is missing?

If you have lost one or several share certificates, don’t panic. You can still sell or transfer your shares providing you obtain a letter of indemnity.

Letters of indemnity are issued to minimize potential financial loss caused by misuse of the original certificate.

As a sale and transfer expert, Share Data can help by applying for a Letter of Indemnity on your behalf.

We will assist you with the whole process of getting a valid duplicate certificate whether or not the value of the shares represented by the missing certificate exceeds £50,000.

If the lost share certificate has a value that exceeds 50K, we will also organise the Indemnity to be countersigned.

So if you no longer have your share certificate, and would like to sell or transfer your holdings, simply contact our team of experts to quickly obtain the Letter of indemnity and proceed with the sale/transfer.