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Share Data has considerable experience in investment securities valuations and provides high quality portfolio, SIPP and probate valuations for a full range of securities.

Our Valuation Services Suite has been designed to fulfill the needs of our different clients who rely upon our prompt and comprehensive valuations.

In addition, we can assist with the sale or transfer of any investment securities, including overseas ones. Our Sale and Transfer Services can either follow a valuation or be a direct request made by a shareholder.

Share Data is committed to providing comprehensive services to help private individuals, unfamiliar with legal and administrative processes, as well as busy professionals.

Latest News

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When overseas shareholdings have a certain value so that a Small Estate Procedure cannot be used, foreign share registrars frequently require that the English Grant be resealed in their own […]

High Value Medallion Signature Guarantees for US and Canadian Securities

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What do you do with offshore assets?

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