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International Shares Transfer & Sale Service

Do you have international shares you wish to sell or transfer?

Looking to sell or transfer international shares? At Share Data, we simplify the process for you. Our dedicated transfer agent facilitates buying and selling of shares across developed world equity markets.

  • All clients stock, once deposited, is held securely by our partners custodian accounts;
  • Funds can be received in all major world currencies.
  • If the sale or transfer is linked to a probate, take advantage of our specialist resealing probate service.
  • If you are selling or transferring US securities, have a look at the Form 706-NA (for deceased estates over $60,000) completion services.
  • If you hold US or Canadian securities and wish to transfer or sell them, you will require a Medallion Signature Guarantee.

Dividends Recovery

Unlock value from forgotten international share certificates

Shareholders often leave dividends and other distributions unclaimed for extended periods. Share Data can recover these outstanding dividends, whether they are in cash or scrip, along with the relevant tax vouchers and any accrued interest. Additionally, we can prepare dividend schedules for both current and historic tax years, which may be essential for Income Tax purposes.

Note: In Australia, when an estate has been inactive for some time, uncollected dividends must be paid to the Australian Securities & Investment Commission. Prior to 1991, uncollected monies were dealt with at the State Level instead of the Central Commission. So, if you have to claim back dividends due before 1991, you have to trace the uncollected fund from each individual State.

Obtaining Replacement Certificates

Need replacement certificates? Share Data offers international support for replacing grants of probate and letters of administration through our Resealing Probate Service. We can also acquire crucial US Death Certificates containing essential details about the deceased. For tailored pricing on replacing certificates abroad, reach out to us for a customized quote, as costs may vary based on the jurisdiction.