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Medallion Signature Guarantee

Simplifying the sale or transfer US & Canadian assets

Why would You Need a Medallion Signature Guarantee

When selling or transferring Canadian and/or US Securities, it is vital to:

  • Obtain a Medallion Guarantee Signature Stamp
  • A medallion signature guarantee is a special certification stamp that guarantees a signature that authorizes an authentic transfer of securities.
  • Complete a stock transfer form or its equivalent.

Share Data is a STAMP member, authorized to represent banks, solicitors, stockbrokers, and accountants to:

  • Provide Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamps on your behalf.
  • Our turnaround time is within 24 hrs upon the date of receipt.

How to obtain a Medallion Guarantee Signature (MG)

To secure a Medallion Signature Guarantee (MSG), a client must provide:

  • An original signature(s) on the form(s) requiring an MG stamp
  • Certified copy of the registered owner’s passport.
  • Certified copy of a recent (dated within the last three months) utility bill or bank statement for address verification purposes.
  • A dividend or DRS statement, to substantiate ownership of the shares.

For a transfer linked to probate, you will need to provide:

  • A certified copy of the Grant of Probate.
  • Original signature(s) on the forms requiring an MG stamp.
  • Certified copies of the executor(s)’ passport(s).
  • A certified copy of a recent (dated within the last three months) utility bill or bank statement for address verification.
  • Documents such as a dividend or DRS statement, which provide evidence of ownership of the shares.

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Understanding the Medallion Guarantee Signature

The Medallion Guarantee Signature is an authenticated stamp, incorporating a barcode and special ink. It is verified by Canadian and US transfer agents, contingent on the asset’s value, whether they are stocks, shares, or other assets.

When dealing with estates involving US or Canadian assets or facilitating any North American share or securities transfer, you’ll often need to provide a Medallion Guarantee Signature (also known as Medallion Guarantee Signatures, Signatures, or Stamps).

These guarantees are statutory prerequisites when overseeing the movement of securities and shares in the USA or Canada, they act to limit the liability and loss by safeguarding against forged signatures.

Share Data Ltd possesses its own Medallion Guarantee stamps, eliminating the need for Power of Attorney in the sale or transfer of US or Canadian shares. As of July 2024, Share Data can process Medallion Guarantee Stamps for securities valued up to $1M.

Translation Services

The Share Data team provides a translation service for documents in Portuguese, French and Spanish required to obtain the Medallion Guarantee Signature. Contact us for a quote.

Download the Instruction Document, a requirement for obtaining the Medallion Guarantee Signature. Note that a regulated UK company must complete this document. If you lack access to such a company, please reach out to us, as we can often assist.

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