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About Share Data

Providing educated answers to investment securities questions

Since 1995 Share Data has been providing a range of services for:

  • Solicitors
  • Executors
  • Accountants/Financial Intermediaries
  • Private Individuals
  • Banks
  • Public Companies

Solicitors, financial advisors, accountants and private individuals count on Share Data for its practical advice and fast turnaround of valuations. In addition, Share Data provides:

  • Approachable, experienced and dedicated team.‬
  • Investment securities services tailored to individual needs.‬
  • Competitive prices.‬
  • Delivery by email, phone, fax or post.‬
  • Error and omission insurance to the value of £250,000.‬

Meet Share Data’s Team

Orlanda Carroll – General Manager

Orlanda joined the team in August 2022. She’s well equipped with robust communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills and an aptitude to motivate diverse teams and collaborate with cross-functional departments. In addition, she brings many years of experience working in insurance, managing and streamlining office operations.

To find out how Orlanda can help you, email her at

Jerry Cooke – North American Transfer & Sales Executive

Jerry joined the team in September 2022. He has a broad range of experience, having previously worked in Sales, Marketing, and Product Management functions across a wide range of industries. To find out how Jerry can help you, email him at [email protected]

Claire Wilson – Sales and Transfer Senior Executive (UK Shares)

Claire worked in final salary pensions at an insurance company for 20 years and joined Share Data in 2018. Claire spent her first year producing share valuations and she is now undertaking sales and transfer of UK shares. To find out how Claire can help you, email her at [email protected]

Emem Isemin – Sales and Transfer Executive (UK Shares)

Emem joined Sharedata in February 2023. Emem is a Solicitor and previously worked in the Insurance Industry. Emem is a Customer service champion and is eager to help and advise you. Emem has joined the Sales team undertaking work in the Sale and Transfer of UK Shares.To find out how Emem can help you, email her at [email protected].

Pauline Brand – Share Valuer & Medallion Stamp Executive, Team Supervisor

Pauline’s career started in the insurance business before moving to the sports and leisure industry where she gained many years of administration and customer service experience. She joined Share Data in January 2020 as an administrator providing share valuations. Pauline is a registered member of STAMP and as such can provide the Medallion Signature Guarantee stamp that is required for transferring or selling North American Assets. After successfully completing the ILM Level 2 Certificate in Leadership and Team Skills in April 2024, Pauline is now a certified Share Data supervisor. To find out how Pauline can help you, email her at [email protected]

Lynne Snell – UK Sales/Transfers & Finance Executive

Lynne joined the team in September 2022. She has a broad range of experience in the leisure industry. To find out how Lynne can help you, email her at [email protected]

Marianne Kairanna – UK & Foreign Sales Executive

Marianne has been part of Share Data since March 2024 and is an exceptional asset to the team due to her knack for understanding clients’ needs and delivering beyond expectations. With a flair for innovation and proactive problem-solving, she executes tasks with remarkable speed and efficiency. To find out how Marianne can help you, email her at [email protected]

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