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Missing Beneficiaries Tracing Service

Share Data encourages executors/administrators to use this service to locate any missing beneficiaries to ensure that a successful claim is made.

What is an unclaimed inheritance?

An unclaimed inheritance is money that is owed to a beneficiary whose relative has died and the Executor / Administrator has failed to locate and recover the asset.

Unclaimed Estates in Australia and the UK

The team performs all the necessary research and paperwork to find beneficiaries, whilst ensuring that the technical and legal processes are completed for you.

Once all entitled beneficiaries have been located and contacted, payment is sent after the administration is completed.

Missing Beneficiaries

The missing beneficiaries service includes thorough research of family trees and uses data records to locate any descendants entitled to the estate inheritance. Supporting documentation and a comprehensive report to confirm the findings will be provided.

The sources of information used to identify beneficiaries include birth indexes, marriage, death, and census records. Experienced researchers, using proven search methods, identify the eligible beneficiaries to an estate.

Locating a missing heir is not an overnight process, however, our experienced genealogy researchers will ensure they work to complete this service within the timescale that you require.

How long will it take beneficiaries to receive their funds?

This will not be an overnight process as our researchers have to find and contact all of the entitled beneficiaries to an estate. This can take anything from six months to a year.

However, this rigorous process will ensure that all the beneficiaries to the estate receive the money they are entitled to under the laws of intestacy.