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Additional Probate Services



Whether you are an executor or an advisor, save time and money by taking advantage of these practical probate services, when administering a deceased’s estate.

Obtain replacement certificates

Obtain copies of birth, death and marriage certificates, grants of probate and letters of administration in the UK and overseas.

The cost: replacing certificates in the UK is £36 per certificate. The cost of replacing overseas documents will vary depending upon the jurisdiction.


Verify portfolio holdings
Have all holdings in a portfolio checked to establish validity at the date of the death, also the quantity of each holding.

The cost: £8 per UK-listed security. £15 per unlisted UK & foreign listed securities.


Trace beneficiaries
Locate inheritors. Know that our experienced team of genealogical researchers have a success rate of over 90%. In the event of a person not being found, you will be provided with a report to help you in your application for indemnity insurance.

Estimated cost: From £300 per name.

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Dividend & Interest Schedules – Life Time Tax
Get income schedules for dividends and interest distributions so that you can complete life-time tax affairs and estate administration.

The Cost: £5 per dividend for UK-listed holdings. £12 per dividend for non-UK listed holdings (including exchange rates). Minimum charge of £60 applies.

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Discretionary Managed Portfolios
Get help from a qualified portfolio manager who, aligned with your interests, will handle all your investment decisions following you in your process.

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IHT Portfolio
Take advantage of a bespoke, discretionary service that will help you reduce potential inheritance tax (IHT).

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