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Lost Share Certificates – Countersignatures.

CountersignatureHave you lost a share certificate?

If the paper share certificate is lost, then usually the share registrars (being frequently Computershare or Wells Fargo for USA shares) will ask for an Indemnity Bond which usually costs about 3% of the current value of the shareholding.

In the case of U.K. shareholdings, a countersignature will be asked for and again this will cost about 2 – 3% of the value of the shares. We are able to assist in this regard, but it is a complex process as the insurers insist on dealing direct with a regulated body – usually the law firm or accountants acting for the client, even though we will supervise the transaction.

We are here to help. Simply contact our team of experts who will provide you with professional advice and assist you with the whole procedure.