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Business Case – Dealing with a Deceased’s Estate

May 2016deceased's estate

We recently received a request from the Solicitors dealing with a deceased’s estate. They were presented with a bundle of paperwork involving shares, funds and bank accounts held by the deceased. It seems that the late Mr X did not like to throw anything away!!!

Among the paperwork there were share certificates for companies that no longer existed, funds that were no longer active and bank accounts that may or may have existed. A report was provided detailing the changes for each company. In some cases, the company was taken over and shares given in the new company and in other cases the companies had been liquidated.

Changes to funds and banks were also included in the report. We then wrote to the Registrars for each company to notify them of the death, stop dividends being sent out to the deceased and to verify the holding as at the date of death. Funds also changed name and managers and again we wrote to them to establish a date of death holding.The same was done with the banks before producing a valuation for probate purposes.

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