Assorted Companies


Hewlett Packard

share split in November 2015 divided into Hewlett Packard Inc and
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Inc and shareholders received an equal number of shares in Hewlett Packard Enterprise Inc.





companiesVerizon / Vodafone – the closure of the Verizon Nominee Account at Computershare, Bristol has caused all former Verizon shareholders to have their shares moved to Computershare USA. To avoid this problem, shareholders had to move their shares into the nominee system, and several did so. You can still move your Verizon shares into the nominee system if you wish to do so.




– we are having considerable difficulty in getting Vanguard to pay claims when a deceased owned investments in Vanguard. They do not answer letters, and are using feeble and unjustified excuses to not pay perfectly legitimate claims, and then give conflicting instructions as to how their various complex forms have to be completed. Vanguard simply seem to be adopting the position of not paying claims, or of not paying claims for as long as possible, so be warned. The best advice seems to be to sell all of your Vanguard investments during your lifetime, and put the monies elsewhere.