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Sale & Transfer Service

Get help selling or transferring shares in four easy steps.


Our Share Transfer & Sale service is divided into four steps:

  • Confirmation of the validity of share certificates and replacing missing ones where necessary;
  • Preparation of the forms for client signature;
  • Submission of the signed forms to registrars/brokers;
  • Either Return to you the share certificates in the new name(s) or Arrange for the net proceeds to be paid by our brokers directly to you.

Know that if you sell shares, you may be liable to Capital Gains Tax on any gain you have made.

If you hold US securities and wish to transfer or sell them, please refer to our Medallion Guarantee Service.
Share Data can also assist with the sale or transfer of any overseas security.



Share Data can also assist with the sale or transfer of any overseas investment security.

Through our agent, we can arrange to buy and sell shares in all developed world equity markets.

  • All clients stock, once deposited, is held securely by our agent’s overseas custodian, Bank of New York Mellon;
  • Funds can be received in all major world currencies.

If the sale or transfer is linked to a probate, take advantage of our specialist resealing probate service.

If you are selling or transferring US securities, have a look at both Medallion Signature Guarantee and Form 706-NA completion services.



Sometimes the cost of selling shares may outweigh their value. If this is the case, we can assist you in gifting them to charity.


For more information on Share Transfer and Sale please contact us.

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