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Valuation Services

Save time and money obtaining fast and accurate shares valuations.

Share Data has considerable experience in investment securities valuations.  We provide high-quality portfolio, SIPP and probate valuations for a full range of securities.

Our Valuation Services Suite has been designed to fulfil the needs of our different clients who rely upon our prompt and comprehensive valuations.

Obtain detailed valuations of stocks, shares and funds covering both UK and foreign holdings for the purpose of:


Use the share valuation service for:

  • Comprehensive formal portfolio valuations.
  • Advice about historic share prices.


Be confident in the knowledge that all share valuation services:

  • Are guided by best practices.
  • Are HMRC compliant.
  • Use data sources specified by the Capital Tax Office.


Valuations can be provided for any date and include (where appropriate):

  • Accrued Interest.
  • Dividends.
  • Exchange Rate Data.


You will be provided with market prices for all investment securities including:


  • Equities.
  • Corporate Bonds.
  • AIM-listed companies.
  • OEICS & Unit Trusts.
  • ISDX (Icap Securities and Derivatives Exchange).
  • Gilts & Corporation Stocks.
  • Investment Trusts.
  • Overseas Equities & Government Issues.

Join the list of over 1000 law firms, executors, administrators, and private individuals who rely on Share Data to provide Share Valuation services that are:

  • Fair.
  • Prompt.
  • Comprehensive.

Submit a valuation request here or if you prefer phone, write or visit us in person.

For more information on Share Valuation Services, please contact us.

See our Price List here.

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