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Unidentified Certificates Service

Identify the validity and value of old share certificates

Have you inherited a portfolio containing old share certificates? How can you tell if old share certificates still have legal value?

Know that even if your old share certificates were issued by a now-defunct company, the holding may have evolved, often by many stages, into valid current security.


Take advantage of an old share certificate investigation service that will help you to identify your certificate’s validity.

The research will be conducted on an archive containing thousands of securities.

You will then be provided with a comprehensive report on all changes to the security and the value of your old share certificate.


The Share Data team relishes a challenge. It has successfully investigated old share certificates dating back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

These successes include the identification and valuation of:

  • Russian and Chinese Imperial Government bonds.
  • Shares from a 1920s Cuban stevedoring company.
  • Shares from a 1930s Chilean mining company.
  • Current assets on a balance sheet.

Contact us to receive more information on our Unidentified Certificates Service.

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