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How to Easily Replace a Lost Share Certificate (with a Value in Excess of £50k)

Do you need to replace a lost share certificate with a value in excess of £50,000?

Have the registrars told you they are unable to provide you with a letter of indemnity for replacing it?

Fortunately, there is an easy way for you to obtain a replacement.

A probate specialist, such as Share Data can assist you with the whole process of getting valid duplicate certificates for lost share certificates exceeding £50,000.

Indeed a probate specialist can remove the administrative burden from you by:

    1. Sending off your letter of indemnity on your behalf.
    2. Obtaining a quotation for organising a countersignature for you. The fee for this service is normally around 1% of the value of the shares represented by the lost share certificate.

Quickly and efficiently.

So don’t panic. Simply contact our sale and transfer of shares expert who will provide you with all the professional advice and the services you need for resolving your problems with lost share certificates.

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