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Looking for an Alternative to NETPROBATE?

Did you know that has ceased their NETPROBATE – share valuation service?

If you relied on their services and are now looking for an alternative, Share Data can help.

Share Data specialises in securities valuations, transfers and sales. Our dedicated team has been producing high-quality valuations since 1995, and throughout the years we have helped hundreds of law firms, stockbrokers and private individuals.


Using our expertise and experience, we can ease your load.

This means you can focus on your core business whilst having the confidence that the valuation of your clients’ holdings is being effectively managed.


Our specialist team can provide you with:

  • A fast turnaround of valuations and verifications of holdings.
  • Accurate and easy to assimilate reports.
  • Detailed valuations of stocks, shares or funds covering both UK and foreign holdings including accrued interest, dividends and exchange rates where applicable.


Taking advantage of Share Data’s comprehensive valuation service is easy. Simply call us on +44 01403 271170 to discuss your requirements.