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The Case of Canadian Securities

A UK-based Solicitor’s firm reached out to Share Data seeking our expertise. They required assistance with three Canadian Investments for an estate they were dealing with.

They instructed us to close two Canadian bank accounts and to sell the shares held in Great-West Lifeco with the proceeds being paid into the solicitor’s account.

To be able to successfully transfer or sell shares the validity of the share certificate/s must be confirmed. If the share certificate is not valid a new one will need to be obtained.

With Canadian and US Securities, the executor’s signature has to be guaranteed by a recognised Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamp provider such as Share Data, before a transfer agent will accept the transaction.

Share Data sent all of the documents required to the solicitor to enable us to stamp the stock transfer form required for the shares held. Once the shares had been transferred, we arranged for them to be sold through our UK Stockbroker and the proceeds paid into the solicitor’s account for them to deposit in the beneficiary’s account.

There were also deposits in two Canadian Banks and they required the UK Grant of Probate to be resealed in Canada which we were able to do. This was then sent to the banks with further documents to enable the accounts to be closed and the monies to be paid into the solicitor’s account.

The monies due to the beneficiary from the shares held in Great-West Lifeco and the two Canadian bank accounts were successfully deposited into the beneficiary’s account by the solicitors.

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