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Sale of Foreign Shares

Unlike the UK, where shares can be sold by the executors in any case, in many overseas countries the shares cannot be sold until they have been transferred into the names of the Executors.

The assignee may now wish to sell the same. If requested, our brokers can arrange for the shares to be sold and for the net proceeds to be paid.

Sometimes there might be the necessity for paper share certificates which have to be converted into electronic (book entry) form before they can be sold. We are able to arrange for such conversion.

If the estate wishes to hold on to the shares for a time, or wishes to transfer them to beneficiaries, we will automatically arrange for such shares to be placed into our Brokers Nominee Service where the shares can sit until a final decision is made. One great advantage of using our Nominee Service is that the foreign can be controlled locally with and through our brokers and all of the resealing process (and Medallion Guarantee requirements – if required) simply disappear. Transfers as part of estate and tax planning are simple to arrange, and on death, the transfer or sale of the shares can easily be organised.