Reduce the administration associated with probate valuation

Take advantage of a comprehensive probate valuation service that will guide you through this cumbersome administrative processes, including:

  • Estate valuation
  • Sale & transfer of investment securities


All probate valuation comply with HMRC requirements and provide detailed information on forthcoming distributions such as:

  • Dividends due but unpaid at the date of death
  • Interest on fixed-income securities

Each record including the following fields:

  • Ex Date
  • Pay Date
  • Net rate per share
  • Gross amount
  • Tax credit
  • Net dividend in sterling
  • Accrued Interest (where appropriate)
  • Foreign exchange rate (where appropriate)

Ensure the safe administration of holdings

Your probate valuation service also includes:

  • Lodging copies of death certificates with relevant registrars, thus preventing any unauthorised dealing in the shares
  • Arranging for dividend payments to be withheld until they can be re-drawn in favour of executors


Elsewhere get help sorting bundles of certificates

If you have a box of shares and funds paperwork sitting on your desk relating to a deceased’s estate and you don’t know where to start, let Share Data help by:

  • Quickly sorting through bundles of certificates and any documents relating to share/fund holdings
  • Verifying all existing holdings
  • Producing a valuation and providing a comprehensive report

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Additional probate services:

Take advantage of additional services including:

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