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Introducing Financial Asset Search (Share Data Partners with Inheritance Data)

London, 20 October 2020 – Share Data Limited announces a partnership with Inheritance Data, a specialist asset searching engine that provides probate solicitors and Estate Administrators with a bespoke platform to trace assets for deceased individuals.

Through this partnership, Share Data can now offer a complete financial asset search to probate professionals and reduce administration time whilst ensuring executors meet their obligations, all relevant financial institutions are contacted and best practice is followed. The asset search investigates institution types and aims to uncover the presence of lost, dormant or active bank accounts, savings and investments, pension funds and other financial assets.

Bruce Cane, Founder of Inheritance Data, said: “Partnering with Share Data will enable Inheritance Data’s financial asset search engine to be made available to a wider audience of probate professionals; thus enabling them to perform due diligence with greater reliability and ease.”

Teresa Lowe, General Manager of Share Data, added “This partnership with Inheritance Data will help probate professionals search through relevant financial institutions and gather accurate in-depth information on the deceased’s estate. Share Data is happy to give our clients a new service offering.”

As unclaimed assets are increasing every year, there is an estimated £200 billion in accounts held by UK financial institutions, these monies have been created by executors missing the deceased’s financial assets. Clients can benefit from expertise in inheritance recovery, asset reunification and data handling.

For more information, please visit Financial Asset Search.

About Inheritance Data
Inheritance Data is the UK’s leading asset searching platform, designed to explore financial institutions’ records to establish the deceased’s financial history and expose any lost assets which are owed to the estate during estate administration.
Acting on behalf of probate solicitors, estate administrators and other professionals, Inheritance Data contacts over 200 financial institutions across the UK to establish the presence of a financial profile or footprint of the deceased. These searches are a vital, best practice element of every administration of a deceased’s estate.
We have a significant track record of relationships built over many years with both financial institutions and probate professionals which ensure our place as market leaders.

About Share Data
Established since 1995 in Horsham, West Sussex, Share Data is a provider of high quality, prompt, efficient and comprehensive valuation services dedicated to both professionals and private individuals. Our clients choose our services so that they can feel secure in knowing that we are able to take care of everything involving tradeable securities both in the UK and abroad.